Dog's grimoire.

Name: Cerberus
Nickname: Dog
Species: Old god
Gender: Male
Age: Old. Very, very old.
Height: Changes. When human about 6'2".
Weight: Changes
Sexuality: Yhisexual
Summoner: Euri
Room: 305


Too old for this shit.

The 11 old gods came into existence before anything else in the world. Possibly the universe. They created the first living things on Minoa, such as the original demons and witches, and the phoenix old god Yhi created the sun from a portion of her own magic. (Resulting in her now dying a mortal death, her ashes returning to the sun, and her reincarnating instead of the typical "old god just keeps existing" thing the rest of them had going. It needs to be noted that Yhi's appearance changes whenever she reincarnates, and this embarrasses her to the point of running the fuck away from everyone and hiding in the most reclusive places in the world.)

The old gods existed for a very long time before humanity spontaneously evolved. From there the collective of humanity, a force strong enough to rival the old gods, began to create creatures such as vampires, elves and fairies, based on the extremely limited understanding the humans had about their world and the old god-created creatures.

Dog is one of the younger old gods, though he's one of the more powerful. He used this for his amusement for a long, long time - fighting the other old gods, wiping out cities on a whim, and creating cults of worshipers. One particularly potent rivalry he had was with Mahes, the cat old god.

Due to his horribly violent and antagonistic attitude, he had negative relationships with virtually all the other old gods aside from the bear, Artaius, who was older and bigger and despite being surly and grouchy, would tolerate Dog. He was never pleased that his territory fell between Dog's and Mahes' though, as it meant he had to deal with their constant fighting.

Eventually Dog fell in love with the phoenix old god, Yhi. She was attracted to him because of his bad boy attitude and he was attracted to her adorably moe innocence. At an unknown point in time the two swapped some of their powers, enabling both of them to use both Dog's darkness and Yhi's light magic. From that point on his aggressive personality calmed down greatly and because of her interest, he began taking a great interest in humans. The two interacted with humans for a long time in various forms, resulting in an extremely high number of stories written by humans about them. Eventually, as humans and creatures made from humanity's collective magical force skyrocketed in number, the old gods took a back seat and became extremely reclusive. The stories written about Cerberus and Yhi were gradually warped over time, becoming symbolic myths and fairy tales.

Around this time Dog first gets tracked down by Asur, the creator of necromancy, who is intending to seek an alliance. Upon seeing what necromancy can do, Dog turns him down (and makes a huge mistake by not killing him right then and there).

Eventually Euri's mother then manages to track Dog down during a time when Yhi has reincarnated and run off to hide, and gets him to make a contract with a toddler Euri. He hangs out as Euri grows up, and when she's old enough the two of them leave to go make a living bounty hunting. They run into Adel and Dog realizes what kind of magic he's wielding, and inwardly resolves to keep an eye on the guy because oh man is that stuff dangerous. On top of that he meets Matt, who he very quickly becomes attached to. Matt loves his company as well, as animals typically don't go near zombies. :3 THE TWO BECOME BEST BROS and all four of them go on an epic adventure.


Dog has calmed down a great deal from his younger days, partially because of Yhi and partially because of his age. He's old, he knows it, he's watched civilizations rise and crumble and all kinds of intelligent races develop. Though he still enjoys fighting and the work he and Euri do, he's also very content to just laze around on someone's lap. He enjoys people-watching quite a bit, finding it amusing how people go about their daily lives.

He has a wealth of knowledge because he's existed for so long, but he prefers to let people figure out things for themselves, finding that more entertaining than just handing them the answer. As expected, he's still retained his ego from when he was younger, and often comes across as very smug.

In the company of Yhi he goes head-over-heels in puppy love for her, often hugging her and snuggling against her in a dog-like way and rambling about how beautiful and wonderful she is. It's a far cry from his usual smug self and seeing this behaviour for the first time can be incredibly jarring and funny, considering how Yhi typically reacts by turning beet red and getting flustered.

Aside from Yhi he doesn't make attachments too easily, mainly because he knows how short the lives of other creatures are compared to his own. However, he still can get attached to people, such as Adel, Euri and Matt, and once he is he's incredibly loyal to them. He won't hesitated to protect them, even in incredibly dangerous situations.

And in these situations he almost never loses his cool. It's hard to get him worked up or angry as, due to his confidence and ego, he almost always sees himself as being in control. Removing this control is the perfect way to piss him off, as is hurting the people he cares about.



The first is a small black puppy with pointed ears that looks absolutely ordinary. The second is a Greyhound-sized black dog. He retains the pointed ears and has scruffy fur, glowing red eyes and what looks like an eternal grin plastered onto his face. The size of this second form varies depending on Euri's needs: the default is Greyhound-size, but he can get bigger (i.e. the size of a horse or house).

His final dog form is a massive, Colossus-like canine. His eyes continue to glow red, but his body looks as if it is made out of shadows and fire and unknown materials. He easily dwarfs mountains in this form.


Old God

Dog rarely uses his original form, despite the fact that it takes the least amount of energy for him to assume. Like the other Old Gods it is not animal-esque in nature, and any resemblance to an animal is purely coincidental. There is an incredibly unsettling aura surrounding him in this form, and the sight of him tends to cause nightmares. In his presence shadows seem to shudder, and to non-Old God observers black shapes and figures seem to appear in their peripheral vision.

In this form he most closely resembles a human, in that he has a rounded head, has four main visible limbs and is bipedal. However, his ‘arms’ and ‘legs’ are unnervingly elongated and do not end in hands or feet, they merely dissolve into smoke. His torso is thin and rather shapeless, more tube-like than anything. His head has no distinguishing features – no ears, no hair, no face. His normal stance looks off-putting from a human perspective, as he is always slightly leaning back to the point where it would look uncomfortable.

Unlike his other forms, when he appears he is merely 'there'. There is no poof of smoke or rising from shadows. There is very little movement from his main body; most movement comes from secondary tendrils that can shoot out from any place on his body. He absorbs souls via a ‘vortex’-like shift that appears where his face should be.


  • Dog's domain is souls. He's the one who is supposed to ferry them to the afterlife, ensure the soul is reincarnated in certain cases, etc. etc.


  • control over darkness/shadows, including breaking his own form down into mist/fog.
  • soul eating/stealing.
  • shapeshifting.


  • creation and manipulation of phoenix fire. Given to him by Yhi.


  • Further info on old gods.
  • Some myths about Dog and Yhi.
  • Dog's favourite food is meat.
  • Dog goes by 'Dog' instead of 'Cerberus', as toddler!Euri had too much trouble pronouncing the latter.
  • Because he's taken a dog form for so long it's rubbed off on him: he really enjoys doing doggy things like eating dog treats, getting belly rubs and playing fetch. He especially loves it when it's a hot lady giving him the attention.
  • His original form is actually the one that takes the least amount of energy, but it's kind of nightmare-inducing so he rarely uses it.
  • Favourite colour: Red.
  • Favourite place to sleep: Euri's chest.
  • Likes: Yhi, Euri, Matt, Adel, Euri's mother, Artaius, sleeping, eating, playing fetch, fighting, hot ladies.
  • Dislikes: Cold water.
  • Sounds like a normal human guy that is in his 20s or 30s. This doesn't change, even when he's in puppy form.
  • PB is a bunch of puppies from danbooru, Moddy Doo from Gunnerkrigg Court, and this guy from here.
  • About his world.

Played by: Pan