The Clockwork Tower is an ancient, self-sufficient structure that sits on an island in the middle of the ocean 6 miles from the City of Accord. The only way on and off the island is a tram that runs back and forth between Accord and the Clockwork Tower. Characters may buy either a one-way or round-trip ticket from the lobby of the tower.


Every character wakes up in their room when they arrive. Inside is a wardrobe with clothes, a Grimoire, and a two keyrings containing 50両, or $500--25両 on each keyring. This can be used to place Orders, buy tram tickets to Accord, or to buy goods within the city. For more information see Currency.




Outwardly the Clockwork Tower is vaguely reminiscent of a structure known as Tartarus. It is somewhat disorderly with portions of building built seemingly out of order. However unlike Tartarus it is not so outwardly disorganized and isn't glowing or green.

It has a large clock at the very top of its largest spire.

Most of the building is comprised of brick and metal with very little wood being used in its outward construction (indoor flooring however is entirely wooden). It has both plumbing and heating supplied by furnaces and a boiler room, as well as an intricate series of vents.

A curious thing to note is that despite whatever damage done to it, the Clockwork Tower will begin to visibly repair itself similar to the manner in which the Aperture Science Enrichment Center does. Panels of wall will retreat, exposing the gears and intricate clockwork behind, and new panels will be put in place/fastened.


The Accord version of "wishes". Characters have the option, should they possess enough Gon or Man they can place orders at various stations throughout the Tower by typing out their desired item. The Tower will then work to construct or make what they have ordered and dispense it to them from the station.

Be aware that it is not guaranteed that the machines will dispense what was desired; it may interpret the order wrong or "glitch", dispensing something else entirely. This is up to your own discretion.

The only limits to what can and cannot be ordered is money. One cannot wish for Gon or Man. Wishing for currency from home is acceptable, although it is generally considered worthless and cannot be used to buy anything. Some antique dealers may profess interest in exotic currency though.

General Amenities


The Tower possesses a fully functioning kitchen should residents wish to prepare their own meals. It's somewhat old-fashioned and contains both a wooden stove and an oven but it is well stocked with what one needs to prepare food.

Food is restocked once a week so residents should be mindful of consuming everything in sight. Storage scales directly proportionate to how many residents there are in the tower regardless of whether they eat or not.

They are located on the main floor of the Tower.



Baths. img from Hearst Castle

Communal baths are located on the third floor and contain bathing areas designated for male, female, and co-ed.

The baths are split up a Female - Coed - Male, with an entrance from both sides leading into the communal area. Stairs descend into the baths on either side and the walls of the large bath have been designed with a section of wall that comes out partway down the wall for sitting to soak and enjoy.


All laundry is done by the Stewards and there are laundry chutes on every floor where characters may deposit their dirty clothes. Once cleaned Stewards return the clothes folded or hung as needed to each resident's room.

Special Rooms


The music room.

Music Room

A spacious room on the eighth floor decorated in a traditional Victorian style, with high ceilings and tall windows. There are many large cabinets and cupboards filled with seemingly every musical instrument ever invented. The room also contains two grand pianos, and two fireplaces.

Movie Theater

More than just an entertainment area, the movie theater on the sixth floor boasts seating for up to fifty people, surround sound and a projection screen that takes up an entire wall. Three different movies are playing per week, and outside of the theatre there is a consistently updated list of playing times.

Recreation Room

Crieff Hydro - The Victorian Pool

The pool.

The recreation room contains not only traditional games, such as board and card games and a billiards table, but also video game consoles, a big screen television, and several computers. It is located on the fourth floor.


Located on the seventh floor, the pool area contains a salt water pool, a hot tub, a sauna and changing rooms. The room itself is decorated in a Renaissance style, with marble pillars and walls.


The library spans the second to the fifth floors, and contains an overwhelmingly large number of novels, reference materials and tomes from many different worlds. If there's a book a character needs, chances are it can be found in the Tower's library. The Dewey decimal system and an old-fashioned card catalogue system are used for organization.

The Orrery Chamber

EOW158 janjager

The orrery chamber.

High up on the tenth floor is the orrery chamber, a large room containing a massive orrery. Like a typical orrery, it operates on a clockwork mechanism and the layout resembles Earth's solar system.

The Temple


The temple.

Deep within the Tower lies a serene sanctuary resembling a Buddhism temple. Massive jade lion statues watch over several successive waterfalls, and a pond filled with frogs, koi and other types of fish. There are small rock pathways that allow people to take a quiet stroll, and benches and other areas to sit and relax. It is located on the ninth floor.

Living Quarters

Bedrooms are of identical quality (albeit now somewhat more mechanical then previously) and should a character have come from Accord 1.0, contains everything they had in their room during their stay there. New arrivals will find their rooms bare of any personality but wardrobes stocked with some clothes.

Rooms contain individual bathrooms but no showers or baths. Every room contains at least one window overlooking the sea.

Should a character wish at any time to change the appearance of their room they can place an order or request that the Stewards renovate.



Rodney the chameleon

A statue found in the gardens.

Immediately surrounding the Tower are lush gardens and pathways perfect for taking a morning walk. It is maintained by the Stewards, and they can occasionally be seen outside performing routine maintenance. Various metal statues, fountains, benches and ponds decorate the area.

Shooting Range

The shooting range originally built by Sonya has appeared on the island near the Tower. It is completely undamaged and retains all the firearms and ammunition that she had previously stocked.


Syon 2

The entrance to the conservatory.

Unattached to the Tower but located near it is a large glass conservatory containing various rare flora and small fauna. Butterflies are abundant, as are small reptiles, amphibians and birds. There are several different sections to the conservatory based upon biomes, such as desert, tropical, Mediterranean, and taiga. The building remains warm and in the appropriate areas humid even in the winter, remaining open year-round. Much like the gardens outside, maintenance is carried out by the Stewards.