Picture one of Euri's grimoire.


Picture two of Euri's grimoire.

Name: Euridice Taverna
Nickname: Euri
Species: Half-human half-Witch
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Mostly straight. Mostly.
Age: 18
Birthday: October 31st
Sign: Scorpio
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 115lb
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: White (Albinism)
Summon: Dog
Room: 305
Played by: Hime from Yozakura Quartet
Mun: Pan


Euri grew up in the town of Annan, in the region of Dome, on the continent Ediacara, on the planet Minoa. The town is located in a fairly flat area surrounded by small mountains, close to the Dome/Micah border. Her father is a very human Lightkeeper (think holy paladin working for human royalty), and her mother is a Witch. The two of them had begun sleeping together shortly after her (then fairly young) father was stationed near Annan, though when Euri's mom ended up pregnant, her father freaked out and got himself reassigned elsewhere. This left Euri's mother alone, having to raise Euri by herself. Witches as a species are already very fickle and prone to grudges, so Euri's mother holds a RIDICULOUS grudge for her father for that.

Most Witches typically live in the Fuggum region, due to the higher concentration of magic in the environment. Euri's mother, however, chose to live in Dome to farm squashes.

That's right, Euri's Witch mother was a squash farmer. She specializes in squashes that thrived in cool, dry environments that require frost. Thanks to Fuggum basically being the opposite environment and the widespread use of squash in various spells, Euri's mother actually makes a decent living. However, this also meant that Euri was forced to eat squash prepared in the most ridiculous ways while growing up. She hates it to this day.

Their home was built into the side of a mountain and though it had many floors it was crammed with all kinds of crazy Witch shit (Euri's mother is kind of a pack rat). So while Euri isn't particularly good at most magic, she is surprisingly knowledgeable when it comes to magical objects due to this exposure.

Euri's mother was the one who persuaded Dog to make the contract, having already known of Dog due to her ancestors being part of a cult that worshiped him. Euri was only a toddler at the time when it was made - which was actually an advantage to her, as this meant that she had years to work on being a good summoner. She often spent several months of the year at Metaphor, the Witch capital, so while she didn't live constantly with Witches she's intimately familiar with their society.

Due to being half-Witch and having an eccentric Witch mother, Euri didn't grow up with many friends. In fact, she spent more time fighting and cursing/hexing other children than actually playing with them. When she turned sixteen she promptly left Annan and her mother, joined a bounty hunter guild, and began traveling around the countryside capturing criminals. She wasn't that good at her job, though; her only saving grace was having Dog around to do most of the fighting.

It needs to be noted at this point that Adel is an extremely majorly wanted criminal - the most wanted criminal in the world - due to his using the VERY VERY taboo art of necromancy. The public view of him is that he's a horrible monster who goes from village to village wiping them out and turning the citizens into undead slaves. Only 8 people in the history of their entire world have used necromancy, and due to its nature it was heavily banned a long, long time ago. So Adel and necromancy are both considered Really Bad Shit.

Eventually she ran into an avatar of Adel's while in a small town bar. Thinking it is the real Harbringer and therefore worth an entire fortune if caught, Euri ignored her better judgement and followed it, leading her to the real Adel. Shenanigans occurred and Matt, Adel's zombie sidekick, infected half the town. Euri, Adel, Matt and Dog ended up fixing the zombified portion of the village but have to flee. Euri began stalking Adel, wanting to bring him in not out of a sense of justice, but because he's worth a fuckton of money.


Euri's typical outward personality is that of a short-tempered, tomboyish, abrasive teenage girl. More often than not conversations with her include at least one insult, usually towards what she deems as stupidity from the offending party. Her social skills aren't particularly enviable, though she doesn't hesitate to make her opinions known and argue with others. Fortunately she does have some tact, and if the situation is serious enough will know when to shut up. She also doesn't hesitate to resort to physical violence, though this usually only happens with Adel.

Her Witch heritage is both a blessing and a sore spot. She's quick to regard it with contempt and disgust, though deep down she's not just insecure but also conflicted. Growing up she was unable to keep up with full-blooded Witches and even within her family was considered a black sheep - while she has certain Witch personality characteristics, such as possessiveness and jealousy, she isn't nearly as competent with black magic and strategizing as a full-blooded Witch. The results of this alienation runs deep: she feels like a failure as a Witch and tries to hide her heritage from other people, yet at the same time is quick to cling to any small successes in hopes of them allowing her to be fully accepted by her family and Witch society. She has similar issues with her human heritage, though because Euri never grew up with any human family she is far more pessimistic about it.

Overall, Euri is incredibly immature when it comes to her emotions. She likes to act tough and sure of herself when that often isn't the case, and she's quick to lash out if someone notices this. The only person she's really comfortable with is Dog. Due to her abrasiveness she tends to automatically think the worst of people, or at least be more pessimistic than is normal. Underneath this prickly, antisocial exterior Euri is actually very sensitive. When she cares about someone she has a tendency to worry over them, sometimes against her better judgement. Her loyalty can also be taken to unreasonable levels, to the point where she will see that person through rose-coloured glasses. Of course, at the same time she's afraid of being hurt, so it's typical of her to keep people at arm's length.

In terms of relationships, Euri does not have the healthiest views. While she tries to act like she knows what she’s doing she’s almost always just flailing around and trying to keep her head above water. No matter how she acts outwardly in reality she is self-conscious, not confident and almost constantly questioning herself. Still, she strives to find someone who won’t hate her appearance or the fact that she doesn’t fit in with humans or Witches – someone who’ll accept her for who she is and will never leave her.

Fears and Dislikes

Euri's greatest fear is anything remotely resembling the undead. Skeletons, vampires, zombies... you name it, she's scared of it. This is due to her mother being less than motherly and telling her old Witch fables - terrifying and typically involving Witches being haunted or tortured by spirits or undead creatures - as bedtime stories as a child.

Euri's second biggest fear is getting pregnant out of wedlock. Again, due to her mother and what she had to go through. Though she knows her mother loves her Euri secretly harbors insecurities for being an accident and for the pregnancy splitting up her parents.

She also dislikes squash, and criminals due to her job as a bounty hunter. In addition, ever since she was young her mother would remind her of what her father did, which has left her with a deep hatred of Lightkeepers and most holy things.


  • Her rune contract with Dog is in a circular shape around her navel. The runes look like Nordic runes but more elaborate.
  • Typically wears short skirts or shorts with thigh high stockings, in the winter she'll wear heavy stockings/leggings/etc. with them. She almost never wears long skirts or pants.
  • She likes very practical boots. This means ugly beat-up things that aren't very ladylike at all.
  • Her hair is generally very messy and it's long, but almost always pinned up or in a ponytail so it's out of the way.
  • Has awesome hips and legs B) They're her best feature.
  • Since bounty-hunting is a very physical job, she's got an athletic build. She's not incredibly muscular, but she's not a thin stick either.
  • Her albinism is actually very severe; this is apparent when a lot of her skin is visible, since the combination of it and her hair makes her look very sickly.
  • Her skin tone is pale, the kind of sickly ghostly pale white you can only get with albinism.
  • Her hair is a starchy white. No pretty silver/blue/grey hues to it. It's just white.
  • Her eyes are a light pinkish red. They pretty much jump out at you because the rest of her is so colorless.


Summoner Abilities

  • Can make a contract with different magical creatures. When a contract is made Runes specific to that contract appear somewhere on her body. With a contract made she is able to call forth the creature and use its abilities or magic, at the cost of supplying energy to not only herself, but her summon as well. Currently her only summon is Dog.
  • She can also utilize Dog's powers:
    • Phoenix fire: Euri can cast and manipulate phoenix fire. This is generally used for offense, but has the added benefit of being good at purification.
    • Darkness: Euri can create and manipulate darkness. She rarely uses this ability due to preferring Dog's fire powers.

Witch Abilities

Having a Witch for a mother affords Euri some of the advantages of the magic that comes with Witch blood. However, because her father is human, she does not receive the full benefits of a full-blooded Witch.

  • A full incantation to cast spells is not required. Occasionally an incantation is not required at all. For example, to summon Dog she only needs to say his name or concentrate, where a human summoner would require a full incantation.
  • The natural ability to create and cast hexes and curses (black magic). However, they take more effort to cast than they would for a full-blooded Witch. Black magic is nearly impossible for a human to perform, and takes years of practice just to master simple hexes.
  • Natural skill at making potions due to her Witch blood.
  • The ability to gain a familiar. This is impossible for normal humans and when compared to a summons is overall more advantageous.
  • The ability to sense other Witches.
  • The ability to sense black magic.


  • She's fairly strong for someone her size.
  • She's a decent fighter with a staff, mostly due to job experience. She has not had any formal training.






  • She eats like a horse due to being Dog's summoner. Gotta have a lot of energy to keep up with an old god! He's also the reason she vastly prefers meat over any other kind of food.
  • There's no magical reason for her albinism! It was just the result of genetics. She generally doesn't really suffer from the symptoms a regular human with severe albinism would due to her being half-Witch and the summoner of an old god. Specifically, when she was a baby the side effects of severe albinism were still present (sunburns, poor eyesight etc.) but lessened due to her Witch blood. The influence of Dog's magic essentially takes care of them entirely.
  • Her interests include: dogs, Dog, physical fighting, Dog's magic, beer, food (especially meat), PANTIES.
  • She haaaates her full name. She thinks it sounds old-fashioned and the only person who can get away with calling her by it is her mother.
  • She can sing! This is due to the use of song in casting magic for Witches. Her mother made her take daily singing lessons, and they paid off.
  • She can knit! Sort of. She learned it from her mother, since handmade winter clothes are infinitely cheaper than store-bought.
  • About her world.