A Desert Rose

Name: Myra il Zhalai

Myra il Zhalai

Age: 26 (Sunyian calender)

Species: Half-Elf (Elf/Unknown)

Class: Cleric/Healer

Height: 178 cm (5'8")

Weight: 62 kg (136 lbs)

Eye Color: Gold

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Journal: goldflecked

Player: Draiol

Distinguishing Features: Dark skin, pointed ears. 'Freckles' of gold all over her face, arms, legs, sides of body and between breasts. The gold flecks seem to collect into a solid color around the tip of her ears, toe tips and finger tips. Golden claws on her hands and feet. Sharp fangs.

Clothing: White medieval-type dress with long sleeves and a frayed bottom. Greek calf-high light leather sandals and a braided leather belt. Wolf-skin mantle held by golden clasps.

Sunyian Religion

In Myra's world, deities and spirits are created when people believe in them, and gain strength when they get more and more followers. If forgotten, the gods cease to exist; thus they have a very active relationship with their followers.

As a desert-living people, the Sunyian elves worship the life-giving Holy Water as the creator and the mother of all, while the Endless Sand is the detroyer and the end of life. Together these deities created Light and Darkness, Sun and Moon and even Woman and Man.

As a cleric of the holy water, Myra uses light-based healing spells and all kinds of restorative and protective abilities - but she is completely unable to use any kind of offensive spells that can harm. (She's pretty much a pacifist, though those claws can hurt if her babies are threatened.)

Some of Myra's more powerful spells are called lightfalls, and using them will make her glow brightly and temporarily creates transparent wings on her back. She can't fly with those wings, but they are a sign of a close relationship with her beloved Mother of Water.

As a cleric, she is a threat to most creatures of darkness, and all healing spells become damaging if used on such beings. Especially lightfalls are dangerous, and while Myra herself has not experienced it, there are legends of clerics that have wiped out masses of undead with a combined lightfall.

Myra's Babies


Myra's Twins

Myra is expecting twins and is due at any time, now. Their sex is currently unknown.

Their father is a blue dragon, making the children half dragon, a fourth sunyian elf and a fourth 'golden creature'.

Aside from pointy ears and a stubby tail, the twins also have two bumps on their backs that will later in life become wings.



Myra's Grimoire

Opens by sliding the gears into their correct places.