Clockwork Tower


Clockwork Droids

Also known simply as Stewards, the Clockwork Droids are the mechanical denizens of the Clockwork Tower. They serve as custodians, butlers, grounds keepers and even maintenance workers to the Tower and will generally perform any task asked of them (so long as it is done concisely; you cannot be vague).

They possess no means of communication other than body language, of which their repertoire is sorely lacking.

Stewards do not respond to physical violence and are incapable of attacking or defending themselves; they are not programmed for any form of combat and their only purpose is the upkeep of the tower.

The only time a Steward will leave the Clockwork Tower's grounds is to retrieve bodies of deceased characters--so long as they are within the city's limits. Stewards cannot function outside of Accord and lose all power upon exiting its limits.

The City

The city is populated with regular humans of various ethnic backgrounds and age groups. Every member of society is discernibly human and possesses no innate abnormalities. They are the human equivalent of people IRL (as opposed to humans in Naruto who possess chakra, etc).

They are entirely sentient, entirely distinct and possess their own personalities. They die permanently when killed and can be affected by all forms of magic, mind control, ESP, psychic scrying etc. They can catch illnesses and disease and when deceased their bodies decompose (and are traditionally cremated). They are also capable of reproduction and do age.

There is nothing odd about the manner in which they behave or converse, and they will be as forthcoming with information as the character is charismatic.

Be aware that if a character encounters an NPC of criminal origin they will act like a criminal and may not have any reservations about trying to attack or harm your character. They are also aware of physical differences between races and a more exotic-looking character might draw attention in the city.


Accord has all forms of domestic pets ranging from rodents and birds to cats, dogs, lizards, fish, etc. Local wildlife includes marine species, deer, wolves and the occasional elk.