NAME — Nishi Iolana Mishra
AGE — 19
D.O.B — April 4, 1992
HEIGHT — 170cm
OCCUPATION — To-be college student; modeling agency assistant
NATIONALITY — North American
SEXUALITY — Bi-curious heterosexual

SERIES OF PBMichiko e Hatchin
PB — Michiko Malandro

ARRIVAL — July 31, 2011
GRIMOIREUnlocks via the gears on the front

Nishi Iolana Mishra was born April 4th to a Hawaiian CEO businessman and an Indian fashion designer for parents. She arrived a week earlier than planned, while her parents finished up furnishing their new home in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York. Yet, even though her parents were all about cleanliness and impeccable presentation in their professional lives, Nishi's parents were very rough-and-tumble, get-your-hands-dirty when it came to her childhood. Whether it was making fresh dye from the flowers of henna, to watching her father and other male relatives perform traditional dances, Nishi was there on the ground, ready to lend a helping hand.

As Nishi got older, she got involved in gymnastics to pass the time and separate herself from the poshness of her surroundings. The feel of chalk on her hands and feet had a rather calming effect on her persona. Later on, gymnastics gave way to martial arts — she needed a bit more intensity in her life, something she could let out more stress on with school becoming more intense. And what better way to relieve stress than to punch and kick people and not get in trouble for it?

Family remained number one in her life, no matter what changes she went through. With college on the horizon, Nishi prepared to make a change from snowstorms and buildings that stretched vertically for miles to palm trees and beaches that were only fifteen to twenty minutes away.

But then stupid Accord had to get in the way.

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ignore the tattoos and cigarette in this...

Nishi may live in the most posh, uptight part of New York City, but she herself never fit into that mold of snobbishness. She is a very laid back girl, who swears as naturally as one drinks water. She certainly does not mind getting down and dirty, whether it be yard work, or helping one of her cousins with their science project. When she is angry, she is volatile and blunt, but it takes quite a bit to get her to that point.

Family is a big thing for Nishi, and anyone who gains her loyalty is considered family to her. Anyone who loses that loyalty, whether it be family or friend, is seen as dead to her. Forgiveness is not easy to come by with her, and she will make it a long climb to get there.

Nishi has immersed herself more in physical exertion, with years of gymnastics and martial arts to her name. Through the latter, she gained the skills to utilize a staff, and later on a bow & arrow for long distance interaction. One may see her early in the morning practicing her stances, or balancing on rails and fountains.

But, she is not exactly normal to a T. She has the power of gravity manipulation at her fingertips, which she stumbled onto one day during a late-night gym session. Instead of meeting the mat to break her fall, her eight-year-old self was instead floating in the air, looking down at the purple mats now floating up to meet her. Since then, she has been practicing how to truly use this ability, especially making herself stay grounded while everything else around her is either pressed down, or floating above her person. She really only utilizes it when someone has pissed her off enough to activate it.

— Nishi loves cooking. And "love" should be read as "she will cook almost anything for anyone if they request it."
— She knows her looks can take her very, very far, but she would rather people appreciate her brains over her appearance.
— In that note, sometimes she utilizes her looks to help thwart and catch criminals for the Stray Dogs.
— Even though she is in a world surrounded by abnormal people, she hesitates to show anyone her power, let alone tell them about it. To date, only Dog and Robin know about her power, and Dog has seen it firsthand.
— Friendship is a Big Deal for her, and thus anything else will come second to it.
— She enjoys early morning runs and workouts.
— She has no issue being semi-dressed or full-on naked in front of others. Everyone's body is the same, give or take a birthmark or variation in skin tone. Of course, that doesn't mean looking can give way to touching.