Meet Tek

Name: Tekhetsio

Journal: heresyandlace

Race: Dragon - Veriotre clan

Sex: Hermaphrodite (variable)

Age: 870 approx.

Height: 5'10"

Played by: Redpyre

Room: 402

Arrived: Oct 9, 2011

Grimoire: Gears and lace

Sexuality: Bisexual


Human - Masked

Tekhetsio's mask is literally perfect. Painstakingly flawless. His is the sort of beauty that simply can't actually exist, and he makes very little effort to disguise this fact. He is pretty to an absurd extent, and that sort of thing tends to make an impression. He doesn't care if he is liked, it doesn't matter whether someone is entranced or annoyed by the sight of him; he's happy as long as his face is what they are paying attention to. His mask is subtly his most beloved weapon and greatest defensem, so he spares no amount of time and energy to make sure that it is as carefully crafted as any master blade.

As either male or female, Tekhetsio's features are too refined to be true-- a perfect Cupid's bow smile, true raven-black hair glinting with violet. His eyes are intentionally left nearly unmasked however, still retaining their eerie pinpoint reptilian pupils, though the sickly gray-pink of his irises is at least dressed up to a nice lavender.

Unlike the lesser-skilled of his kind, his switches between gender are more than a slight shift in anatomy. As Kett, his hair lengthens to perfect tousled waves, his clothes shift to skirts and lace, and every feature he chooses to change softens to become entirely feminine.

The only aspects of his appearance that he cannot alter at will, are the little curled black lines marked with raised tattooing at the corners of his eyes, and the mottled violet gem on a chain worn at all times around his neck.

Human - Unmasked

Underneath that beloved mask is the face that Tekhetsio naturally wears in human form. His natural human face is a flawed thing that he enjoys intentionally revealing pieces of, in order to frighten and intimidate, but abhors unintentionally losing control of when his temper flares. A forked tongue, needle-like teeth set in blackened gums, eyes the color of rubbed-raw flesh, patches of scales and sporadic spines jutting from bony prominences, ridges and flaws warping his features, an intermediate androgynous appearance... he considers them effective tools when he wants to frighten someone, but an embarrassment when he loses his composure.


Tek very rarely uses his midform. Only under duress will he resort to showing this monstrous combination of human and draconic features, and he does not linger in it if it can be helped. In this form, he cannot uphold any sort of mask, and his frame stretches to put him closer to six and a half feet tall. His limbs become entirely reptilian, and the ugliness of his draconic form begins to shine-- massive meaty talons, gnarled joints, along with a forked tail and a set of heavy wings unfolding from his back.


...Tekhetsio is not a pretty dragon. The elemental aspect of Death incarnate, his draconic form is both skeletal and meaty, knots of muscle wrapped around knobby angles of bone, hunched and leering in an almost vulturine way. His body is mottled in fresh corpse colors--fleshy purples and sallow grays--decorated with spines and tattered tufts of dragonfur. Though his talons are adorned with wicked hooked talons, and his jaws rather crocodilian, physical prowess is not his expertise in this form compared to other dragons. He would be a terrifying opponent for anything smaller than he is, but he's only a medium-sized dragon (somewhere between the size of a two and three-story building), and would likely be eventually overpowered by a stronger dragon of comparable size.







Self sphere - Vas-Vehr


Elemental sphere - Tarahm


Thrall sphere - Meh-Bruhn


Kin sphere - Khenohs


Fate sphere - Bah-Ruhm



  • His hair is naturally wavy, and this shows up when he loses his mask. He leaves the waves when in female form, but intentionally straightens his hair as a male. He's a little self-conscious about it. :I
  • Though he doesn't need to eat for days at a time, when he does get hungry, his appetite is monstrous. Since most of his organs are just for show, he can fit an obscene amount of food in his body, and likes to gorge and then sleep for days whenever he can get away with it. Being a dragon, he can digest anything, but meat provides one of the best sources of energy. Glazed meats are his favorite, though he also has a particular love for cracking open bones for the marrow. Bland and starchy foods are considered 'filler,' he is not a fan of bread, as it just tends to take up space while giving him very little energy at all.
  • Dragon 'catnip' exists. Find some of that, and he will hate you forever. Just make sure to have a camera ready first.


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