Surrounding the city of Accord are rolling tracts of farmland, pastures, meadows, orchards and vineyards. The paved roads end at around the city limits and are replaced by wider dirt roads. Cereals, vegetables, livestock, fruits and other crops are grown or reared by the farmers, with most of it processed and sent back to the city. Virtually no crops are exported to other areas of the world.


Beyond the farmlands lies thick forests consisting of both deciduous and coniferous trees, small streams, and two large rivers. Various game animals, fish, birds and predators can be found here. The dirt roads from the farmlands taper off, leaving only one or two main ones and many small paths.


The forests gradually mesh into a swampy, bog-like jungle. Snakes and crocodiles are common here as are more exotic species of birds, monkeys, and a variety of unusual plants and trees. Pathways and roads are virtually nonexistent, so it's very easy to get lost.


The jungle fades into a treeless swamp, which eventually becomes vast, open plains.


The ruins of what appear to be a long-abandoned civilization have become overgrown by both wilderness and jungle. If one follows the rivers through the marshlands eventually they will again form a series of streams and pools which run through the ruins.

They rest near the foot of the mountains.


Large mountains with no discernible trail or path with which to pass through them. There are no signs of civilization past the ruins and the mountains are uninhabited save for the occasional goat, eagle or bobcat.