The People

Entirely sentient, entirely distinct and with their own personalities. They are all 100% human and act accordingly. They die permanently when killed and can be affected by all forms of magic, mind control, ESP, psychic scrying etc. They can catch illnesses and disease and when deceased their bodies decompose (and are traditionally cremated). They are also capable of reproduction and do age.

There is nothing odd about the manner in which they behave or converse, and they will be as forthcoming with information as the character is charismatic.


Magic does exist in the city of Accord but is mostly the work of charms, prayers, and chi. There are no spells in the traditional "Final Fantasy" sense and it is not common among people, but magisters are an accepted piece of society and so supernatural abilities are nothing shocking to the people within Accord.


Death is not permanent in Accord. When killed a character's body will not decompose or vanish; it will simply remain as it was at the moment of death and will be gathered up by the Clockwork Droids. No matter where it is located in the city, so long as the body is within its boundaries they will attempt to retrieve it and return the person to their room.

While dead characters do not see, feel, or hear anything; it is only total darkness and an absence of sensation. After one week in which the Droids work and repair all damage they are revived in their room and life is returned to them--at a price.

Upon revival characters will suffer a great deal of fatigue and some degree of fever and hallucination. However if they continue to die they will start to experience several debilitating symptoms that worsen with each subsequent death:

  • Extreme fatigue
  • Hallucinations and/or Paranoia
  • High fever
  • Night Terrors (crippling)

These effects persist for 5-7 days without relent and during that time the character must be cared for.

Death occurring outside of the city's limits is still only temporary and the after-effects are the same, but the Droids will not try to collect them.

Temporal Glitches

These are temporary occurrences that affect ONLY the Player Characters. The maximum duration of a Temporal Glitch is two weeks and these count as the "losses" or "curses" of the game. i.e. gender swapping, non-humans becoming human and visa verca, changing species, being unable to perform ability x etc, etc.

Temporal Glitches are never permanent and characters do not receive any upon entering Accord.


Constant and in flux. Some days will be cloudy, others rainy or foggy, some sunny etc etc. Accord possesses all four typical seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) and they shift at approximately the same time every year. Accord has Daylight Savings's time.

Coming & Going

All characters wake up within the Clockwork Tower and may choose to stay there or attempt to move into the city or the outlying lands. When a character becomes inactive/the mun no longer wishes to play them characters are assumed to have moved into the city and simply become part of the daily life there. They do not, at any point, lose their memories of their time and experiences within Accord unless the mun so desires.

Passage of Time

The Accord calendar has 365 days in it and time progresses at the same rate as it does in the real world. Every day has 24 hours, every weeks has 7 days etc etc.

Player Characters, unlike the people of Accord, do not age. Girls will still experience their monthly biological routines and diseases and curses can progress and worsen, but physically the characters will not age while in Accord unless directly related to a Temporal Glitch.

Unlike the people of Accord, characters cannot reproduce or become pregnant (unless they arrive in such a condition. We will not make you play Bonnie from Family Guy in Accord).

The Bleeding Effect

The phenomena which allows the properties of one world affect the properties of another, i.e. allowing characters from one universe to obtain abilities presented in others providing they have the capacity for them. While in Accord it is possible for character to learn skills originating in other worlds so long as they are physically or mentally able to.


  1. Character A turns Character B into a vampire
  2. Character A makes a contract with a being native to Character B's world
  3. Character A, already possessing great magic skill, learns magic from Character B's world
  4. Character A catches a disease native to Character B's world which affects the same systems

Characters who do not know magic obviously cannot learn magic from other worlds and characters who do not possess the systems/energies needed to perform feats from another world cannot use them (i.e. someone from a world without Chakra or Chi using Chakra/Chi-based abilities, or one who uses Mana for magic cannot learn Blood Magic).

More often than not, however, permanently-altering Bleeds such as vampirism, ghouling, resurrecting as an undead etc do not remain permanent unless so desired by the muns & then run by the mods. The duration of these Bleeds is up to both parties but should not exceed 2 months maximum.

In all cases both muns should make sure both know the exact ramifications of the consequences and circumstances involved, and should contact Dolly or Pan to double-check c:

Language Barriers

The Grimoires act as universal translators for all languages. So long as one Grimoire is present, one can read, speak and understand any language they are confronted with.

Without a journal one must learn the language manually. The language spoken in Accord has no name but sounds like a mixture of Germanic tongues.